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The best places to explore around our town.

The Doubrava River Gorge

The Doubrava River Gorge is a unique nature reserve. The gorge has been created by the erosive activity of the Doubrava River and without exaggerating it can be characterized as a small Grand Canyon. Near this reserve, a tiny protected nature spot called „The Inundated Sandpit near Sokolovec“ (Písník u Sokolovce) is situated.

You can find there many rocky surface formations with attractive place names, such as the Giant Pot (Obří hrnec), the Riverbed (Koryto), the Waterfall (Vodopád), the Rotating Whirl (Točitý vír), or the Devil´s Table (Čertův stolek).

Picturesqueness of the gorge has given birth to numerous folk tales (about a hermit and devil, about a water sprite, and about the hoard of a robbing knight).

At present, the gorge is also much sought after by photographers. It is intersected by a 4.5-kilometre-long instructive path. In all protected areas, rigorous restrictions are applied in order to preserve the beauties of nature.

Only in the Doubrava River Gorge, climbing is permitted on certain individual rocks. Those who walk trough this region with open eyes can see rare animals and discover equally interesting plants.

Štikov Quarry (lookout)

The view over the quarry by the memorial tree – Štikovská lípa, offers a magical view from the Iron Mountains.

The viewpoint is about 11 km from Chotěboř and it is suitable for a pleasant picnic.

Ruins of Ronovec Castle

The castle called Sommerburg was founded by Smil of Lichtenburg before the middle of the 13th century, a hundred years later it is already called Ronovec. Unscrupulous attempts to discover the legendary treasure resulted in Ronovec becoming a ruin. You can get to your destination from the Chotěboř railway station following the yellow sign. Objects found during the activities of the Ronovec local history circle can be seen in the museum located at the chateau in Dolní Krupá, tel. 604 844 184.

Bramborák (food tip)

Potato pancake is a traditional dish of most Slavic and Germanic peoples and Hungarians. It is prepared by frying a thin layer of dough from finely grated raw potatoes, flour, eggs, garlic, salt and marjoram, or milk and other spices (cumin, pepper, chopped onion).

Eat warm, alone or with sauerkraut and smoked meat.

Stodola krásných krámů

Village museum is located in the attic of a barn in Vepříkov village eight kilometres far from Chotěboř.

Open hours: whenever, contact Mr. Stehno, phone number: 721 641 428 or 721 339 418 .

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